Giorgia Burzio

Politecnico di Torino, Materials exploration course  
in collab. with R. Bazzano, I.M. Bonino, R. Fitti

Tinderbox is an exploration on the potentials of textile waste, such as hemp and cotton, for new applications. The method we as a team adopted was to research critical products where a change in materiality could be auspicable, so the choice was the firelighter for barbecue. The name and product was inspired by an old object called “tinderbox”, a candle-holder that used to provide light and warmth. The proposed concept is composed by waste textile fibers, pressed into cubes, flammable, atoxic and ecological. The prototype was made by hemp waste and vegetal wax, in collaboration with “Linificio Nazionale”, Villa d’Almè (BG).

production cycle of linen and cotton, and palm oil to develop Tinderbox

product presentation