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PhD candidate - Design Department of Politecnico di Milano

Previously artist in residence at Fabrica Research Centre
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Archiving/designing at FAYD

PhD candidate - Design Department of Politecnico di Milano

-> The Secret Life of Microalgae 
Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporánea
01.04.24 - 01.10.24 
Residency archive

Residency Archive

Spring 2022, “Extinction?”, Fabrica

Giorgia Burzio (Italy), VV Morais (Brazil), Daniele P. Spini (Italy), Park Chae Biole (South Korea), Charlot Dennis (UK), Igor Furtado (Brazil), Tom Davis (Ireland), Bobbi Fay (Ireland), Camille S. Baudry (France), Tom Heath (UK), Evelin Mazzaro (Italy), Faith M. Shields (South Africa), Mohammed El Hajoui (Italy), Olivia Funes Lastra (Argentina), Nazira Karimi (Central Asia), Ziaire T. Sherman (USA), Avani Vidhani (India)

Semestral screening program
Identity: Tom Heath, Tom Davis, Mei Girault
Curation: Giorgia Burzio, Faith M. Shields, Daniele P. Spini, VV Morais, Igor Furtado, Olivia Funes Lastra, Camille S. Baudry, Nazira Karimi

<< For the Spring semester 2022, Fabrica presents OBSCURA; a screening programme curated by current Fabricanti’s, related to the theme of their final exhibition: “Extinction?”.

Extinction [mass noun]

ex· tinc· tion | ik-’stiŋ(k)-shən

“The act of making extinct or causing to be extinguished”

“The condition or fact of being extinct or extinguished also : the process of becoming extinct”

Heading to the 6th mass extinction on planet Earth, the Holocene one, we face a challenging play where humans are both the protagonist and the villain. Becoming almost a geological force, as the term Anthropocene would suggest, our roles in this Epopea are being discovered while we are playing it. The scenario is mainly pessimistic and it is a drama with infinite spoken and unspoken languages, being the subtitles the will to listen. As already happened 5 times before, Earth finds a way of living - life always finds a way to be. So what does extinction really mean? What are the many subjects we are talking about when the theme comes up?

The program unfolds the many shapes and perspectives that the word extinction offers to imagination. Fabricanti selects films through a reflection based on cultural, geographical and social diversity offering a critical thinking on the micro-topic proposed each week, assuming that extinction encompasses different scales of life, landscapes and cultures. May we find a storytelling that can embrace all the characters - being them humans or not - as main protagonists and watch all the possible endings as if they were all beginnings. >>

WEEK 1 - Olivia Funes Lastra

WEEK 2 - Giorgia Burzio & Igor Furtado

WEEK 3 - Olivia Funes Lastra & Camille S. Baudry

WEEK 5 - VV Morais & Igor Furtado

WEEK 6 - Daniele P. Spini & Faith M. Shields
WEEK 4 - Giorgia Burzio & Nazira Karimi