Giorgia Burzio
Swimming in the praxis 

Editor/Designer at FAYD

Resident at Fabrica


Giorgia Burzio

Multidisciplinary designer narrating on design, craft and technology. 


How could the encounter between craft and mass-production look like? Time, speed and machine-like movements dictate the way I make a series of mugs in 90 seconds. 


Rocks in Vogue 

Imagining humans as intersection of  craftsmen and designers, the series of batteries use an ancient technology of metals immersed in vinegar in order to charge electronic devices.

MFA Konstfack, 2021


Yttrium, Terbium, Ytterbium, Erbium. Today these Rare Earths are essential to lighten up our screens and make our smartphones vibrate. This is a reflection on extraction and the entanglements between a mine, the metals and water.

On-site mapping - Ytterby mine, Stockholm

Speaker for sociable pigeons

Imagining city pigeons mingling between each other, gathering around a urban space that is only theirs. 

i block you out 

What would happen if a group of people will build DIY devices to trick the metaverse diktat?

design probe