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PhD candidate - Design Department of Politecnico di Milano

-> Venezia Fabrica Futura
Complesso dell’Ospedaletto Venezia
19.05.23 - 17.07.23 

Previously artist in residence at Fabrica Research Centre
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Residency archive

Residency Archive

Spring 2022, “Extinction?”, Fabrica

Giorgia Burzio (Italy), VV Morais (Brazil), Daniele P. Spini (Italy), Park Chae Biole (South Korea), Charlot Dennis (UK), Igor Furtado (Brazil), Tom Davis (Ireland), Bobbi Fay (Ireland), Camille S. Baudry (France), Tom Heath (UK), Evelin Mazzaro (Italy), Faith M. Shields (South Africa), Mohammed El Hajoui (Italy), Olivia Funes Lastra (Argentina), Nazira Karimi (Central Asia), Ziaire T. Sherman (USA), Avani Vidhani (India)

guest Rafał Milach
with: Park Chae Biole, Bobbi Fay, Tom Heath

3-days workshop that led to a temporary installation in the water ponds at Fabrica. Expressing the absurdity of borders and how the walls are often not only material but immaterial as well, encompassing burocracy procedures, languages, and territorial policy. Behind the banner, a plinth supports the full “Decreto sicurezza”, promoted by far-right leader Matteo Salvini when he was the italian minister of internal affairs. 

MESA (Barbara Soalheiro, Gabriel Massan, Ian Scabia)
with: VV Morais, Tom Heath, Tom Davis, Daniele P. Spini, Faith M. Shields, Charlot Dennis, Ziaire T. Sherman, Bobbi Fay, Avani Vidhani

credits: Ian Scabia @ianscabia