Giorgia Burzio

Senses Glasses

Computer-generated environment is now present in our life, but in the future its impact will be much more pervasive. We can simulate visual holograms, sounds and the digital contents surround us everywhere we go, with no exceptions.
We will might be able to virtually simulate smells and even the physical sensation of touch, through a technology that allows holograms to transmit vibrations when 'touched'.
Senses glasses is a device that allows humans to shut down the vision of the digital brightness and holograms, proposing a moment of meditation.
The hand device transmit vibrations - due to the contact with physical matter - to a processor in the eyeglasses frame, which will elaborate them to sounds. Having a sound responding to contact with matter will give meaning and reflection to the ability of getting in contact with the physical world, instead of the virtual one. We might finally be able to listen carefully to our surroundings, in a meditative state.

A future scenario where virtual reality and real world would be indistinguishable for humans is, really, an impossible one?