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19.05.23 - 17.07.23 

Previously artist in residence at Fabrica Research Centre
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Residency archive

Fabrica 2021, trial period

What is the relationship between time and creating? If it is true that time dictates the way we produce and consume in a capitalist world, how issues such as time, speed and labor apply to craft instead? What is the agency of manual work and labor?

This reflection is materialised through a temporized making of mugs. The project is inspired by assembly line footages of a ceramic factory and this quote:

Recently I met a group of skilled artisans from the Kohler porcelain plant in Wisconsin. To this day, each of the commodes coming out of the plant is hand-finished. [...]. Hitting a daily quota of hand-finished toilets is not what normally springs to mind when we speak of craft. But there was no doubt in my mind, as I spoke with these industrial makers, that they were craftsmen through and through”.